NIO -- growth of the interests from Reddit

TLDR: NIO stands out-- something interesting might happen very soon.

So I am working on a project recently, and I was scraping Reddit posts data to find out mentions for each ticker. I know that the scraper I used is not set up perfectly -- a lot of missing data happened, but I aggregated and scraped past month's top mentions. I use the first derivative to measure the interest for tickers and the second derivative to measure the growth of interest for tickers.

So NIO is the only stock with higher interests and growth of interest than its mention rank for daily, weekly, and monthly mentions -- what it means? It means that people are interested in it, and the talk around it is growing, and it snowballs. We can expect more discussion over NIO very soon. Why? From the posts, it seems that people are discussing it. You can check those yourself from DD section here.

Another interesting ticker would be NOK. Its weekly and monthly interest and growth of interest ranks are higher than the mention's rank, so definitely look into it. The other two tickers that might be good to look at are TLRY and APHA. They both have a higher interest growth of interest rank than their mentions rank. GME sure is numba one, and PLTR seems to have a reduced interest in the long term.

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