Some Action with AMD

With the rise of machine learning in business and the chip shortage there seems there may be a turn to GPUs. Apparently AMD is ramping up to increase production by 20% in Q2 [Source: Reddit]. Although the chip shortage may be affecting prices, there is one solid point. The demand has rose, but the supply has stayed the same. If you’ve tried to get an AMD GPU recently, you’ll find that it is either extremely difficult or extremely expensive. The reason for that is that demand is so high. They’ve also dropped a GPU and APU recently. The APU, which is AMD’s take on a CPU/GPU hybrid, is called Ryzen 7 5700G APU. This is most likely going to be available to businesses or OEMs. They’ve also released Radeon RX 6800 XT “Midnight Black” Edition GPU, which was sold out within minutes. You cannot find this at the retail price anymore and the reason behind it is perhaps the extreme increase in demand for GPUs. With all that said, retail investors and institutions alike both agree that AMD is undervalued and has the potential to jump back up.

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