Unusual Mention from social media -- HGEN

We notice today at around 9am that HGEN gained unusual amount of mention from social media from our monitor.

We hope to understand why, and whether there is possibility to find any info on the price surge before today. Other than news today, most news and reports on HGEN are from 6 days ago. analysis from Reddit provide

From a quick glance on data we collected from Reddit, there's one post is relevant to the HGEN before today's spike, which gives some predictions on the result:

March 25th -- $HGEN - short term COVID play with Phase 3 data release by end of march and 5-10x possible ROI

It receives positive consensus from public, and most readers who read this post are positive on the analysis it provides. So it is not only an analysis well written, but also supported by the public.

After the market open, we saw the price surges almost 100%

However, is it the stock that should keep holding? Right now HGEN is no longer on top of the unusual mention list, nor it is on the popular ticker list. In other words -- HGEN does not spark more interests from retail side, yet. It depends on how many people are picking up the interests, and we will keep monitoring social media from our dashboard and database in the case of GME happen.

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